Who We Are

    • We Are The Future
    • We Want Justice
    • We Want Equality
    • We Want The TRUTH
  • Only Then can we have PEACE

Truthful alternative media, not mainstream corporate garbage media!

Many people support us and our cause – just like Richard Wilcox from Inversion Table Life.

It’s time to mobilize and aggressively push for common sense political reforms. We’ve had enough of:
Δ The Two Party Oligarchy
Δ Big Government
Δ Big Corporate Power
Δ The Concentration of Power

… It’s time to:

Δ Decentralize Power
Δ Create New Political Parties
Δ Restore The Rule Of Law in our great country!

Δ End the Federal Reserve
Δ Break up the Big Banks
Δ Enforce RICO Laws
Δ Break up the mainstream media
Δ End closed door lobbying
Δ Increase Government Transparency
Δ Amend Campaign Finance
Δ Verify All Votes
Δ Investigate War Profiteers
Δ Investigate War Crimes
Δ End the Wars
Δ Restore civil liberties
Δ Uphold the US Constitution
Δ Clear Air, Water, and Food
Δ Reduce healthcare costs, profiteering
Δ Improve education for all
Δ Reform Prison System
Δ Reform drug laws
Δ Protect Internet Freedom Δ Uphold States’ rights